Rosa hybrid – Usefull hints

1. Make sure your potted roses never dry out.

2. Place the rose where it gets as much light as possible – it prefers a sunny spot.

3. Remove dead flowers as they develop, and when the rose has died off completely, cut it down to a height of approx. 5-7 cm above the pot. This will encourage the rose to produce new shoots and flowers. If necessary, plant the rose in a larger pot with some fresh new potting soil.

4. The rose does not need much fertiliser when in bloom. When the first shoots appear after cut-back, it is a good idea to fertilise the plant once or twice a week with a good flower fertiliser. Follow the dosing instructions on the fertiliser bottle.

5. Potted roses can also be planted in the garden, either in an open flower bed or in pots on the patio or the balcony where they will remain a decorative feature throughout summer. The roses can last throughout winter in a sheltered spot and embellish the garden again the following year. It should be noted, however, that the potted roses are designed for indoor use, and you should not expect the same properties of a potted rose planted outdoors as of true outdoor roses.

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